Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smoking Ban goes into effect on June 1

Starting June 1, smoking indoors will be banned in all public enclosed spaces. The ONLY exemptions are up to 20% of hotel rooms (with some specifications on how they are marked and where they are located), places where smoking research is being conducted, and private residences. Smoking is NOT allowed in private residences that are used for child care operations while the children are present, and the child care facility operator must inform the parents if smoking will be allowed indoors off-hours. Bar/restaurant owners who want to construct an outdoor area for smoking (i.e. beer garden) should make sure they comply with the guidelines put forth by the state, or they could be cited or barred from allowing smoking in that ‘outdoor’ location as well. Violations of the law are a Class 4 or 5 misdemeanor depending on violation history. A citation comes with between $100 and $500 in fines – individuals as well as business owners/managers who refuse to comply with the law can be cited and fined. Complaints about individuals who refuse to comply with the smoking ban should be directed to local law enforcement (non-emergency number). Public Health Solutions will respond to complaints about owners/managers who refuse to comply with the law. Both entities are authorized to conduct compliance inspections.

for more information you can visit the public health solutions website at
htpp://www.phsneb.org/smokingbanforresidents.html by clicking on the underlined words

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