Thursday, May 16, 2024

Exeter-Milligan Graduation Speeches

Graduation Speech by Troy Kallhoff

Anyone who knows me knows that words are not hard for

me to come by, but when writing this speech, I seemed to

struggle to put it all together. Going into it, I wanted to thank the

people who were pivotal in helping me get to this point and offer

advice to those who are to come after me. But how exactly do I

articulate all those thoughts in words in under five minutes?

Well, after many hours of work and several renditions of this

speech, here is what I came up with: (You can start the five

minutes now)

Thank you all for coming here today to celebrate the

Graduating Class of 2024. I am highly aware that us graduating

here today would not be possible without the support of our

parents, guardians, friends, and families, so a big thank you goes

out to all of you in the audience today. A very well-needed

shout-out goes to my parents. I had the best day with you. 6,555

of them, to be exact. Another big thank you goes out to our

cooks. I am reminded almost daily of how picky of an eater I

am, but the food is always amazing when I eat the school

lunches. Also, thank you to our custodial staff. You play an

integral role in helping with everything, keeping our learning

environment clean, and setting up for events like this. And, of

course, no learning would have happened without teachers, so

thank you to all of you; even if you never taught me, you taught

someone in this class. Finally, thank you to all those who work

in the office: Mr. Sheffield, Mrs. Kroll, Jackie, and Ms. Fousek.

Also, it is only obviological to thank THE Mrs. Kovanda. Mrs.

Kovanda, you have helped me and numerous other students who

are creating so much good in this world. I do have the words to

thank you in a very long, drawn-out sorta way, but I don’t have

all that much time, and I think I would start crying (more than I

am), so I will leave it at that.

Now, on to the next segment: Troy’s Words of Motivation.

To the underclassmen, cherish your time in high school. Before

you know it, you'll be in your senior year, and your mother will

be asking you for the 13th time if you've submitted your housing

contract. Also, do NOT procrastinate; you may think it's okay,

and you’ll get it done eventually, but you will have much less

stress if you use your time wisely.

Juniors, next year is your last year of high school

(hopefully), so make it count. It feels like just yesterday, I was at

the graduation ceremony for the class of 2023. When Ms.

Fousek tells you about scholarships, APPLY. It's the highest-

paying job you can have in high school.

To the Sophomores, take Junior year seriously. Ask the

juniors how they felt about this year; if they say it was easy,

they’re lying. When it comes to John Baylor, listen to him. He

may seem like a whackjob, but that whackjob is gonna get you a

good score on your ACT.

To the Freshmen, you are now starting to inch your way

through high school. These next three years, challenge yourself,

leave your comfort zone, and let yourself learn who you are.

Make friends with the people in your class. You have to deal

with them for the next three years.

To Junior High Kids, wear deodorant, please. The other

people in the school, teachers, staff, and students would greatly

appreciate it.

To all of you younger than Junior High, please, don’t you

ever grow up.

Parents: We’re about to find out who does and does not

know how to do laundry. So, moms, if you are worried that your

kids will never come back and see you after they go to college,

just never teach them how to do laundry, so they have to come

back every weekend to get clean clothes. In all seriousness, we

look to you for encouragement and support in our future

endeavors, so please be a guiding light for us.

To my fellow graduates of the Class of 2024, the future is

ours to shape. We are about to begin a new chapter in our lives,

filled with endless possibilities that are up to us to write. I have

no doubt that each and every one of us will find success and a

lifetime full of happiness. So, follow your dreams, listen to your

heart, and above all, be yourself. The world needs your unique

voice and perspective. The greatest thing you can do in your life

is to be unapologetically you.

I leave you with this song lyric, “Everything you lose is a

step you take/ so make the friendship bracelets/ take the moment

and taste it/ you’ve got no reason to be afraid/ you’re on your

own, kid/ yeah, you can face this/ you’re on your own, kid/ you

always have been”- Taylor Swift.

Long Live the Exeter-Milligan Graduating Class of 2024!

Graduation Speech by Savana Krupicka

A week ago, I had no idea what to write this speech about,

but then I thought, how hard could it be? Well, it was harder

than I thought, but I got it done anyway.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout the 13 years

I have spent in school, it is to make as many memories as you

can and remember those special moments. The memories and

moments my classmates and I have created together are

something that will never leave me. Today is one of those

moments, it is a moment I will carry with me forever and I will

never forget. It marks the ending of one chapter and the

beginning of the next, not just for me, but for all of my

classmates as well.

Our class has always been close, other than the times we

aren't arguing or annoying each other, but we get along for the

most part. As we have grown up together, we have built strong

bonds of friendship with each other. Throughout each milestone

of life, we have all been there for each other, some longer than

others, but no matter what, there is nothing we haven’t been

through. We even spent a whole 5 days together and 2 long car

rides together on our senior trip. I think we all would have been

fine without the 14-hour car rides, but they were worth it in the

end. From the time we were learning our ABCs and playing zoo

tag in PE to now, when we walk across the stage to receive our

diplomas, and all the little moments in between, have shaped us

to be the people we are today.

In these past years, there are the funny moments, like when

Andrew decided to go swimming in the ocean for 15 minutes

with his phone in his pocket on the senior trip. You should have

seen the look on his face when he pulled it out of his pocket, or

even when Josh lost his wallet after rolling down the hill when

we were getting our senior Christmas tree in his pasture. At least

we found it under the tree in his tailgate after driving 20 minutes

back to Exeter.

Or there are sentimental moments like when we all had our

last day of school together… ever. That is when it really started

to feel real, or when we each walked up this aisle to graduate

together just this afternoon.

Whether they are sad, happy, funny, or sentimental, all of

these mark an important milestone in our lives that is now a

thing of the past for my classmates and I. When we think of high

school, now it will be just a memory.

My only advice to future classes is to always remember and

cherish the little moments throughout your childhood because

they will be gone before you know it and take lots of pictures.

To my classmates, thank you for the past 13 years of school

because I could not have done it without you and my advice to

you is to remember these moments because these are memories

that will last us a lifetime.

Thank you.

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