Thursday, January 19, 2023

Throwback Thursday 1/13/2013




Over the winter holiday break a radiator leak in the Exeter-Milligan Preschool room at the Exeter campus went undetected leaving a wet, moldy mess behind.


The Preschool rents a classroom from the school district and so much of the physical costs will be covered by the district, however, many of the damaged items include books and toys along with other classroom items which were not covered by the school.


Construction was recently completed on the new Verizon cell tower on the east edge of Exeter.  Although the majority of the construction is finished, the tower is not online yet.  No dates have been published as to when it will be active.  The old temporary tower remains in place inside the Exeter-Milligan high school track fence and until the area dries out or freezes, removing the tower and transporting it to Milligan may be difficult.


The GFWC Exeter Woman's Club welcomed four new members this club year.  They are pictured from the left, Cheryl Luzum, Josie Vela, Julie Behrens, and Jessica Votipka.

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