Thursday, September 29, 2022

Throwback Thursday 09/23/2012




Mary Kay Pribyl’s Pre-Calculus class at Exeter-Milligan is studying conic sections.  We started with a review of analytic geometry and are now learning the characteristics of each conic section.


Shirley Ann Taylor was born to Arthur LeRoy Rhodes and Harriet E. (Hart) Rhodes on June 30, 1931, at the family home in the West Blue Township in York County, Nebraska and passed away September 26, 2012, at Bryan LGH East Hospital in Lincoln, at the age of 81.


The 2012-2013 Odegeo. . . Leadership for Fillmore County class met for its first introductory session on September 18th in Ohiowa at St. John’s Lutheran Church.  This year’s participants are: Shannon Drudik, Kimberlee Gewecke, Dayle Harlow, Amanda Haumont, Ashley Hughes, Craig Hughes, Karla Jacobson, Ann Jansky, Conley Kennel, Steven McLeish, Kristina Knoche, Shawn Nolt, Twila Rocole, Jill Swartzendruber, Lucas Swartzendruber and Amber Taylor.


Jessica Votipka became the new director of the Exeter Public Library.


This year, the elementary at Exeter-Milligan has implemented the Saxon Math Program.  So far this year, we have covered many topics including identifying shapes.  In this particular activity, students were asked to construct and draw a design given different shaped pattern blocks.  They were given certain directions and only able to use given shapes.  Their creativity shined with many different ideas and patterns.

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