Saturday, February 5, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Updatees: Fifth Grade News


5th Grade News

By Madalynn Fousek, Exeter-Milligan 5th grade Instructor


The 5th graders finished up our unit on ecosystems. They each created a biome that included species and vegetation specific to their environment. Each student chose an animal and plant to research more about and included that in their final research report. They all created some awesome biomes and reports and were able to share their findings with the class!


Pictured are:

Front: Maddux Milton, Boden Graham. Mackenzie Jaeger, Kate Pribyl and Micah Korf

Back: Chezney Kanode, Gavin Mueller, Aiden Nichols, Hannah Petersen, Brynnlye Johnson, Beau Becker and Joel Vossler


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