Monday, February 7, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: Cassidy Clothes

pictured L-R: Laney Havel, Jade Slezak, and Grayson Arbuck


Cassidy Clothes,

by Denice Kovanda, Exeter-Milligan Guidance Counselor


The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten girls received very special presents at school this year.  A very generous lady named Rita made this possible.  Her project is called Cassidy Clothes.  Twenty two years ago  her grandson was a baby and needed a liver transplant.  A little girl named Cassidy passed away due to a congenital heart condition.  Her family donated the liver that saved Rita’s grandson.  To honor Cassidy,  Rita has been donating dolls to hundreds of children.  She not only buys the dolls, she and her friends make beautiful clothes for these dolls.  This is the third year that EM has been on the list to receive these dolls.  Rita’s act of kindness made the EM kindergarten girls smile.


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