Monday, December 21, 2020

Exeter-Milligan MakerSpace Tribute


Photos and story courtesy of Lisa Soukup

E-M MakerSpace Tribute
Exeter-Milligan MakerSpace sponsors and attendees would like to take this time to thank Norm Yound’s family for the wonderful donation of wood. Norm was an avid woodworker and loved to create and make many wooden items for family and friends. Norm passed away in July of this year. His family was cleaning out the garage when they found a bunch of scrap wood. They asked if we could use it at MakerSpace. The generous donation of wood was then cut into smaller pieces for the kids to create with.

The kids love to work with hammers and nails and our supply of wood was very small so the donation meant a lot. With this donation, Norm is passing the love of woodworking down to another generation. I can hardly wait to see what they will build in the future. Thanks again Yound family.


Norm is pictured with his granddaughter Erica (Yound) Vossler in 2014

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