Saturday, November 7, 2020

Exeter Village Board Meets


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, November 3 in the village office.

After reviewing the minutes from the last meeting the board examined the bills and approved them.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted that the new bookcase is in place at the library which was purchased with memorial funds given in memory for Erma Adamson.

Chairman Alan Michl and Clerk Erdkamp gave an update on the Salazar property.  The Board reviewed a list of expenses which were sent to the property owner who now has 30 days to respond.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that Jim Votipka did not pick up the certified letter she sent about the village ordinance violations. The Village Marshall advised the clerk to send an additional letter stating that the equipment will be towed by Nov 30 if it is not moved.

The inspector has visited the houses the board indicated they might condemn,  but they have not received his report yet.

Michl advised the board that the governor had approved a measure to allow any board member to electronically be a part of the meetings for the rest of the year because of COVID.

The board held a discussion on providing ice melt for downtown businesses again this year.  The cost is about $600 per season, “It would be better to use that, fixing a patch costs at least $600,” noted Michl. “Once it’s pitted, it’s ruined, and it’s done.”

Board member Justin Harre added, “The amount of money we spent on that concrete, this stuff is cheap.”

Under the marshals report Michl noted that there was a break in at a business in town and the board briefly discussed the village officer’s and the sheriff’s department.

Village maintenance supervisor John Mueller noted that the concrete sidewalk at the park was poured but one of the picnic tables under the shelter is missing.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that sales tax for August was $24,511.73 sales tax and Keno for September was $209.62.

The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, Dec 8.



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