Sunday, November 3, 2019

Exeter Village Board Meets

The Exeter Village Board meeting met on Tuesday, Oct 8 2019.
After approving the minutes and the board reviewed the invoices including the labor for new concrete at the fire hall.
Kathy Erdkamp asked if the rural fire department was going to pay for half. “I’m not trying to stick them or anything but I think they need to pay half.”
“Basically they have three bays,” Alan Michl added while referencing the rural fire department.
Michl will discuss payment options with the rural fire department.
The board approved the invoices and moved on to their agenda which included approving the annual certification of compliance and then approved Resolution 19-08 which passed the annual certification of compliance.  This resolution, now required by the state, outilines funding for the road plan.
Michl gave the Marshalls report which included:
-          Officers have issued 16 warnings and 1 ticket in Exeter.
-          Officers discussed methods for addressing nuisance housed in Exeter.
-          Illegal truck parking on Highway 6
Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller confirmed that the pool slide will be refurbished in the spring.  He also reported he had found where the pool was leaking, “The seam on the deep end pretty much all the way around.  JEO will be out to look at the problem.”
He reported that that he is going to order some culverts, the fire hall is done, the park cement will also be done this fall, a storm sewer will be put in east of town where a new building is being put up and he got the valve in the lagoon repaired.
Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported sales tax for July was $9772.55 and Keno for August was $481.88. She also received a letter advising the village that the one year warranty on the downtown improvements would be expired in November and any defects need to be recognized now.
Erdkamp noted that neon Exeter sign is not working and will be checked for storm damage as there was a lightning strike in the area.
Erdkamp highlighted the importance of village residents completing and returning their census package when it comes in January 2020.  “It will help the village in getting grants. People don’t fill out the money part of it but they don’t hold it against them, it helps us get money.”
The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, November 5.

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