Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Trunk or Treat in Exeter

Allison Petersen (right) and Carol Dirks seem to have a special prize stuck in their gumball machine (Kenan Petersen) at Exeter’s Trunk or Treat on Halloween.


Exeter held their first ever Trunk or Treat downtown in front of the fire hall.  The event, sponsored by the Exeter Public Library was a huge success.

Exeter Librarian Lynette Trauger was thrilled with the results, “We had a great turnout, a lot more than I expected.  We had 100 hot dogs ready and they were gone.  It was a win win situation for the younger crowd and the older crowd.”

The streets were blocked off and over 20 vehicles and stands were set up to pass out goodies to the trick or treaters.  After passing through the trunks attendees could enjoy a hot dog supper in the warm senior center where there was more candy to collect.

Fire department members passed out candy from the ambulance and a fire truck.

All of the food was donated along with the cotton candy that was spun inside the senior center.

Trauger is already making plans for next year’s event and plans to incorporate feedback from young and old.

The fire department got some young recruits at Trunk or Treat in Exeter.  From the left are Reed, Rex and Ryker Wince all ready to help in their firemen costumes.

The senior center hosted supper for Trunk or Treaters.  Elaine Krejci (left) and Marion Geiger (right) were all smiles serving hot dogs and chips.

Above -The Engert family enjoyed their supper out at the senior center on Halloween.  From the left are Archer, Brandy and Cory Engert.
Below – Brooklyn Lawson gets a treat from Shelby Bell in the line of cars on the side of main street in Exeter at Trunk or Treat.

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