Friday, September 6, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: View From the Front Office

          An ark – I need plans for an ark!  That was the first thought I had after the weather this past week.  When we built our house the construction process was delayed due to not getting the tiling under the foundation completed before the snow fell.  I remember many people telling us we shouldn’t have to worry about high water issues, but we waited just the same.  Our patience is paying off as this year has seen some record moisture levels and our sump pumps have been very busy.  I just hope this wet weather system dries up as harvest is just around the corner.
          One phrase I would use to describe the school year thus far is “Wind of Change.”  I will admit this inspiration came courtesy of SiriusXM Channel 39 (Hair Nation) and the Scorpions’ song “Wind of Change.”  This song was released back in 1991, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union (some of us are old enough to remember this dynamic historical event). Granted, the season of change referred to in the song pales in comparison to the changes we will experience this year, but it is fitting as we go through some changes and have high hopes for the future.
          As I wrote last month, the Sheffield household is officially a re-member of the empty nester’s club.  We said goodbye to our foreign exchange student Luis last May, but Haylee came home for the summer.  She has now returned to college, but Karla’s mom spent a few weeks with us.  It is now back to just the two of us and I am ready to see how this adventure transpires.
          A little breeze of change that will be seen on the volleyball court this year is there will be three new faces on the side court – Lisa Kanode, Quinten Loontjer (a 2012 E-M graduate) and Madalynn Fousek.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Darcy White and Laura Kroll for their dedication and devotion over the years to not only building a top-notch volleyball program but also creating an atmosphere and environment that stressed being a quality person.  Their guidance and leadership helped mold and guide our volleyball players to become exactly what our school mission states, “Empowering students to be knowledgeable, responsible patriotic citizens.”  With this change in coaching, we all need to be patient as the coaches and players adjust to the new surroundings. 
          Other “changes” people will notice are the new office entrance in Exeter, the new (yet old) entrance for home volleyball games at the Milligan site, and the new seating arrangements for home volleyball matches at the Milligan site.  I wouldn’t classify these as “world-class” changes, but they are changes all the same and not everyone deals with change in the same manner.  We all have a routine and when that routine feels an adjustment our first reaction is to push back and be negative. Taking a cue from our coaches, changing the attack and making those adjustments is that fine line between being successful or experiencing failure.  Let’s all make that concerted effort and embrace the changes we experience in order to make this a success!
          A “world-class” change I would like to point out is welcoming our two foreign exchange students – Joana Melchert from Germany and Karl-Erik Martinsen from Norway.  These two young adults left their families and friends to gain new experiences in America.  Let’s all make sure we do what we can to make this a joyful experience for these two and welcome them as members of the Timberwolves family.
          Change is not always easy.  There’s solace in knowing what is going to happen and in our daily routines.  However, when we get too complacent or too stuck in our ways and resistant to any change then we must take a step outside of our comfort. Some may refer to this as the Danger Zone (thanks Kenny Loggins), but once we get into the zone, this helps create some of our best ideas and connections. Sometimes, we just have to shake it up a bit.  Hmmm…this reminds me of another song, courtesy of Classic Rewind Channel 26, from The Cars – “Just shake it up with all you’ve got. WOO!”
Thought for the month:
          Change, nothing stays the same
                   Unchained, yeah ya hit the ground running
                   No, I don’t ask for permission
                   This is my chance to fly,
                   Maybe enough ain’t enough for you
                   But it’s my turn to try
                             by Alex Van Halen, Edward Van Halen, David Roth, Michael Anthony

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