Friday, June 14, 2019

Exeter Village Board shares ideas with FCDC

Exeter Village Board met Wednesday, June 5th with a quorum of three as two board members, Kathy Erdkamp and Justin Harre, were absent from the meeting.

After approving the minutes and invoices the board welcomed Fillmore County Development Corporation representatives Susan Lynch, Jennifer Griffith,  and Marcus Ruhl  to the meeting.

Lynch, FCDC board member introduced herself and asked for input from the board, “We are focusing on businesses in the area.  We are also focusing on housing as well and workforce.  We want to bring people in and finding them jobs when they get here.”

Ruhl added, “We want to be able to expand a lot of our reach farther.  No one knows it better than the people who live there.  We are opening the table for what you want to see in Exeter.  What are your goals and how can we help you get there?”

“It is a multifaceted thing we are trying to do across the entire country. Everyone has their niche and that is what we are trying to exploit,” Ruhl continued

Lynch confirmed their mission, “We are coming to you, we need to understand what you want .”

“There isn’t a town in this county that would argue that we need lots.  We need to have funds to deal with the dilapidated houses so we can have lots people can build on.  This would be a good organization to spearhead this idea,” according Chairman Alan Michl.

Michl noted that the land bank bill that was passed in the unicameral and might have aided the situation, was vetoed by the governor.

“We have about 10 houses we would like to tear down but to be honest we can’t afford it.  It’s a countywide deal,” explained Michl.

Lynch responded, “One of things we are looking into is how can we creatively pool our resources to meet the needs of the county.”

“If it was just Exeter I wouldn’t bring it up, but it’s every town in the county,” explained Michl.

The board thanked the FCDC representatives and heard an update from Andrew Wilshusen on the final items of the downtown and street projects.  He noted that there a few items to finish up but the main item is the flagholders on the light poles that have been faulty.

Wilshusen confirmed that the flagholders should be done and in place by June 14th for Flag day.  He also noted that concrete crushing is not finished but will begin again soon.  So far they have crushed 3748 tons and estimate another 1200 tons.

Wilshusen also offered a bid from JEO to design and supervise replacement of the concrete in front of the fire hall.  The bid of $7700 was not accepted by the board but they did entertain the option of having JEO check to make sure the forms were ADA complaint before the cement was poured.

Maintenance supervisor John Mueller noted they had a bid for $33,000 which included digging down a foot and adding crushed concrete base.

The board discussed possible pool activities during Exeter days and contributed $100 toward prizes. The parade route hasn’t been determined yet for the weekend of July 27.

The board approved a motion to accept the bid of $1100 from Dan Wittnebel to erect the fence at Storybook park.

Mueller reported he had to replace the AC unit at the ballfield shack.  At Storybook Park the ladybug glider broke and will have to be repaired. The village had some trees cut down in Gilbert’s Park but they still need to be cleaned up before the stumps are ground.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for March were $9571.49 and Keno for April was $356.48.

She informed the board that she will send mowing letters soon.  She recently took pictures at a property in Exeter where two dead trees and lots of broken limbs and construction trash are littering the yard. She talked to the homeowner and warned it could be condemned soon. 

Erdkamp had a resident question her on the necessity of a sidewalk on his property.  She found there was no easement and will let him know about the legal requirements.

The board set their next meeting for Tuesday, July 9 at 7 p.m.

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