Friday, November 2, 2018

Odego Class Visits History and Tourism Sites

L-R: Lindsey Eichelberger, Patt Lentfer, Chris Nichols, Chris Warnick, Ashley Kassik, Valerie Poppert, Holly Ackland, Justina Yound, Juli Kment, Idonna Pendleton, Jennifer Griffith, Victoria Verhage, Ian Hrasky, Janet Bartels, Vicky Thompson 

FILLMORE COUNTY - The “Odegeo. . .Leadership for Fillmore County” class visited various places for their October History and Tourism session on October 16th. 
              The group first traveled to the Strang Museum where Janet Lentfer told some interesting stories of the items housed in the Museum. The next stop was the Ohiowa Auditorium where Carol Kapperman told the history of the Auditorium and all the events that take place now at the facility. The class enjoyed snacks provided by Vicky Thompson and coffee at the Ohiowa CafĂ© which was sponsored by Waddell & Reed.
             The group traveled to the Maple Grove Barn near Tobias where Bob and LaDean Endorf took the group on a tour of the historic Maple Grove Sales Pavilion and Farrowing Barn that was built in 1912.  They also told stories about some of that other buildings on the farm that were built in that same era.
             The next stop was the Milligan Public Library. Shirley Brunkow met the group and told interesting stories of finding information on the soldiers that were killed in the crashes while training at Fairmont Army Airfield during World War ll, showed a short video about the search for the soldiers produced by NBC and explained the markers that were erected in honor of the soldiers killed in those crashes.  The group also took time to hear about the history of the Milligan Auditorium given by Scott Oliva and how it is still a vital part of the community today
              The class enjoyed a pizza lunch that was sponsored by First Bank of Utica-Milligan, Farmer & Merchants Bank, Milligan Insurance Agency and Oliva Insurance
            After lunch the group went to St. Stephen’s Catholic Church were Agnes Anderson told about the historic church that features 44 stained glass windows.
            The group met Doug Rung at the Historic World War ll marker for the Fairmont Air Field on Highway 81 and he gave some history of the base. The group then drove around the Airbase.  From there the group went to the Fillmore County Museum where the Fillmore County Historical Society board members answered questions about the two facilities; the Fairmont Creamery Building/Ashby Building and the McClellam Drug Store. The class enjoyed ice cream sundaes at the historic soda shoppe.  The ice treat was sponsored by the Fillmore County Farm Bureau.
            The last stop of the day was at the Geneva Auditorium that was built in 1915.  Cindy Callenius, manager of the Cinema Association, told the group the Rialto II theater that is run by volunteers with just one paid part-time staff, herself. Many upgrades to the theater have been made including the new digital program used for showing movies, new seats and new curtains.  
             The day was wrapped up with Brandy VanDeWalle talking to the group on “Being a Leader”.
             Persons interested in learning more about the Odegeo. . . Leadership for Fillmore County should contact the Fillmore County Development Corporation at 759-4910 or email


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