Saturday, October 13, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Elementary Store

E-M Elementary School Store
By Lisa Soukup, E-M Media Specialist

Each year the elementary students work hard to earn coins to use in the School Store. The school store is funded from box tops students collect and turn in. New items are added to the store each year. How much is purchased for the store depends upon how many box tops are turned in. Keep saving “Box Tops for Education” and “Our Family” barcodes and send them to school with your student or drop them off at the post office in Milligan or Greg’s grocery store in Exeter. Every label counts!

Dahlia Zeher-Lewis, a kindergartener, is counting out her coins to pay for her purchase while Saydee Kassik looks on. (top photo)

1st Graders Axel Erdkamp. Piper Grummons, Gracelyn Becker and Lynn Jurgenson (back to camera) are looking at their options before choosing something from the school store. (bottom photo)

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