Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: 5th Grade Trashketball

By Brooke Soukup, 5th Grade Instructor

Exeter Milligan fifth graders review for an upcoming Social Studies test using the game 'Trashketball'.  The students were split into two teams and each student creates their own paper ball using one piece of paper.  If they can correctly answer a question over the content, they earn five points for their team.  After each correct answer, they attempt to shoot their ball into a trash can for additional points for their team. 

Pictured are: Kaydence Haase, Tucker Svec, Carver Kanode, Selah Petersen, Mrs. Soukup, Jase Luzum (shooting), Avery Nichols, Ronald Babula, and Alexis Saatmann. Photo taken by Brett Kallhoff

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