Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Family and Consumer Science Happenings

By Mary Lou Vossler, FACS Instructor

EMHS FCCLA STAR Event competitors that advance to State FCCLA Leadership Conference 2017 on April 2-4 are:

Front row:
Katie Mounce- Focus on Children:  Beyond the Surface  Gold Medal @ District #4.Kaitlyn Vavra- Illustrated Talk:  Broken Dreams, Stolen Lives, Gold Medal @ District #4,Haylee Sheffield- Job Interview: Life as a Daycare Worker, Gold Medal @ District #4,Caitlin Murphy- Life Event Planning: Everything for Europe, Gold Medal @ District #4,Maddie Luzum- Illustrated Talk: Preying on the Weak, Gold Medal @ District #4,

Back Row:
Katelyn Babula; Illustrated Talk: Preying on the Weak, Gold Medal @ District #4,
Hannah Horne: Recycle & Redesign: Dangling Discs, Gold Medal @ District #4,
Daisy Kanode: Recycle & Redesign: In Memory of Grandma's Quilting, Gold Medal @ District #4, Samantha Horne: Career Investigation: Searching for the Right Medicine, Silver Medal @ District #4

FACS News: FACS 7 is finishing their chef aprons and will plunge into some basic cooking skills, FACS 8 is working on their cooking skills, Foods class has been exploring the world of "Eggs" by making individual omelets, poached eggs in water and in the egg poaching pan, Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce, Creme Brulee', Deviled Eggs, Sausage Egg Boats, and Breakfast pizza. Our next unit will be meats, where we will explore various cuts and types of each beef, pork and chicken. FACS II has been exploring the resources we have available to us, especially our use of time. Child Development is designing their nursery and calculating the cost of basic supplies needed to set up the nursery and the first year of life. FACS 9 is wrapping up conflict continuum and will then start the EverFi Financial Literacy program.

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