Monday, April 3, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fifth Grade

Brooke Soukup’s 5th grade class at Exeter-Milligan just finished up a unit in Social Studies over The American Revolution.  We discussed events and actions leading up to the war, different people who made profound impacts during the war, and the important battles that took place.  To end this unit, we created a courtroom in our classroom and performed a skit that was in Britain's point of view!  Our jury member listened to the point made by the colonists and the British citizens.  At the end, they had to make their own decision on whether or not Britain was guilty or not guilty.

Pictured is:

Back to camera: Dravin Birkes and Tyler Due

Seated looking at camera: Savana Krupicka

Standing: Devin Harrison, Andrew Vavra, and Malorie Staskal

Seated: Savannah Horne, Troy Kallhoff, and Draven Payne

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