Thursday, May 4, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Actions Day

Students with their trophies: Trevor Luzum, Mitchell Manning, Alexis Uldrich, Ashley Benorden, Samantha Horne, Ella Wilkins, Caitlin Murphy, Hailey Luzum

Front Row: Tara Mueller, Sydney Hall, Kaitlyn Vavra, Kayla Geiger, Trevor Luzum, Anna Bettu, Haylee Sheffield, Mitchell Manning, Caitlin Murphy, Janey Erdkamp, Bailey Steuben.
2nd Row: Nick Hayek, Katherine White, Jos Cremers, Ashley Benorden, Giada Miniussi, Cloe Austin, Samantha Horne, Ella Wilkins, Trever Zelenka, Josie Kresak, Kate Jansky, Hailey Luzum
3rd Row: Eric Olsen, Alexis Uldrich, Caleb Horne, Trystan Brandt, Spencer Pribyl, Joel Klemm, James Becker, Joey Bartu, Patrick Murphy, Hannah Horne
Not Pictured: Kelsey Bigelow

On Wednesday, March 15 thirty four students from Exeter-Milligan headed to Central Community Colleges in Hastings to participate in Actions Day. Actions Day is an academic contest attended by nearly 30 area schools with 700-800 students participating. This year Exeter-Milligan was very successful in their events bringing home 10 individual trophies. Placing for the Timberwolves were Samantha Horne 4th place Abbreviations, Ella Wilkins 4th place Genetics and 2nd place Family and Consumer Science, Caitlin Murphy 5th place American Geography and 1st place Music, Ashley Benorden 4th place English, Trevor Luzum 3rd place Solar System, Mitchell Manning 4th place Solar System. Alexis Uldrich 3rd place Syllabication, and Hailey Luzum 5th place US Presidents.

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