Saturday, September 17, 2016

Timberwolves Herd the Mustangs 56-14

Under the Friday night lights is was obvious in the first set of downs that Meridian wasn't going to even get close to trampling the Timberwolves.  Their first set of downs included a loss for 1 yard, on the second down holding was called against Meridian, they gained back some yardage on the third down but when they decided to kick on the fourth down Cameron White blocked the kick giving Exeter-Miligan excellent field position on their own 17 yard line.

The Timberwolves made quick work of the spot when Trevor Luzum carried for six yards and then ran into the end zone with 9:21 on the clock.  Spencer Pribyl added the two extra points for the Timberwolves and the score was 8-0.

After Meridian went four and punted to the Timberwolves Trevor Luzum took off with the ball and broke multiple tackles to cross the yellow line into the end zone with 7:31 left in the quarter.  Score was 14-0.

The Mustangs had a better start on the next set of downs find th first down but when they decided to go at fourth and one the Timberwolves put a stop to it.  After taking over the E-M team moved the ball steadily down the field with Luzum breaking free for a 20 yard touchdown run. Luzum took the conversion pass and the score was 22-0 with 5:02 in the first quarter.

The Timberwolves marched down the field for another Luzum run for 33 yards.  After making the two point conversion the score was 30-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Meridian converted for a first down before having to punt for fourth and 16 and Luzum returned the ball straight into the end zone.  Unfortunately a penalty at the T-wolf 36 yard line brought the ball back.  Joey Bartu had a run for eight and then crossed the line for a first down.  Mitchell Manning carried for a gain of three.  The T-wolves went back to Bartu who carried the ball before Pribyl went to the air with Colton Bossaller receiving in the end zone. With 8:01 left in the second quarter the T-wolves were ahead by 36-0.

After Exeter-Milligan forced the punt from Meridian again the T-wolves alternated between Manning and Bartu on the ground.  Bartu punched it in to the end zone with 3:45 in the second quarter to bring the score for the first half to 42-0.

The T-wolves started the second half marching down the field again.  Bartu carried for a first down before Luzum cut loose for over 30 yards.  Manning brought the ball to the three yard line but a Meridian face mask penalty pushed the ball to the 1 1/2 yard line.  Manning pushed in for the touchdown at 8:11 in the third quarter.  Pribyl hit the air to find Bartu in the end zone for the two points. It brought the score to 50-0.

The Mustangs got on the board with 5:25 left in the quarter when Beale went to the air to #80 in the end zone.  The Mustangs also put the two points on bringing the score to 50-8.

The T-wolves went back to the ground game but a fumble was picked up by Meridian who headed down the field.  Ryan Sharp made a big tackle for Exeter-Milligan stopping the fumble from making it to the end zone.  The Mustangs decided to go to the air but a Timberwolf face guarding penalty that was protested by Coach Dean Filipi (face guarding is not a high school penalty) brought them closer to their goal line.  After a score by Meridian, Max Zeleny stopped the runner on the two point attempt.

The Twolves capped the evening with a score at the 8 minute mark.  Pribyl completed the pass to Bossaller bringing the final score to 56-14.

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