Monday, May 23, 2016

Exeter Village Board Increases Pool Pass Costs

by Leesa K. Bartu

The Exeter Village Board approved invoices and minutes quickly after the meeting was opened by Chairman Alan Michl.

There was a request from a resident to lower the speed limit and an issue of engine braking on the truck route on East Boundary because of the truck traffic.  “We have a speed limit in place but enforcement is an issue,” noted Michl.

Office Carl Campbell was present at the meeting and noted that he has not encountered speed violators, “I am usually in the area on the weekends and haven’t seen an issue with this.  Is there a particular time that it happens that I could be there?”

There was no specific time noted.  

The board has expressed an interest in creating a new development on the east edge of town and current landowner Paul Jensen was interested in discussing this possibility with the board. Jensen attended the meeting and told the board, “I don’t think it would be any financial benefit to me.  I wanted to meet with you guys and see what we could do about the sewer possibilities.”   

Jensen explained that he has turned over the land to his children.  He noted that 12 of the 30 acres the board was discussing were within the city limits.  “I think the kids would be willing to trade some ground for the land.”

Michl noted that “There almost needs to be a commitment of houses sold before we can do anything.  Generally there are no grants for infrastructure and we (the board) can’t put sewer in, it’s how our ordinance reads.”

After further discussion on providing a location for more housing in the community, Vice-Chairman Tim Wilbeck expressed, “It would fit in our long term plans but we are strapped right now.”

The board moved on to discuss the upcoming pool season.  It was noted that the pool pass pricing and swimming lesson prices have not changed in the past four years.  After reviewing the possibility of a 20% increase, board member Kathy Erdkamp noted, “We have to raise the costs because we raised wages so much this year.”

The board passed a motion to raise the family pool pass to $120, individual $55, with a four dollar daily rate.  They also increased the costs of swimming lessons from $25 to $35 and the hourly party rate to $60.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp presented the audit report and asked the board if there were any questions.  She noted that the cost of the report had increased significantly.

The board reviewed the library report and also the housing survey results. Michl noted that the housing survey “Has a lot of information in it.  The report says we need houses and that 19 need to be demolished.  I’m not sure which 19 they are talking about.  I can’t come up with that many.”

Officer Campbell gave the police report.  He explained that he had contacted a tow company in York to tow some of the abandoned vehicles in the community.  The property owners have been properly notified. The cost was $45 to hook up and four dollars a mile for the round trip if a small tow truck could be used plus storage costs of $25/day. 

Clerk Erdkamp explained that once the charges are incurred the board can bill the property owner. The owner would have 60 days to pay.  If they don’t pay the village would take steps to assess the cost to the property and put a lien on the property.

Since the property in question has multiple unlicensed vehicles, Wilbeck asked “What would happen if we towed one vehicle?”

Officer Campbell explained that he had talked to the property owner and “he claims he has something in the works for the cars.”

Michl noted that the department should, “get one gone and see what happens.”

“ I think there is a little bit of word getting around because I have seen some voluntary compliance,” reported Campbell.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller explained that he is working with the insurance adjuster on finishing the hail claim on the ballfield lights.  He asked the board about putting siding on the well house in town to improve the appearance and the board approved the expenditure.

Mueller reported a leak issue with the pool that has resolved itself and presented a piece of equipment that he was interested in purchasing, a concrete sweep.  “It will do a larger area of concrete.  Right now we are limited to the width of a board and you can’t put a crown on the road.”

Wilbeck asked if a nearby community might want to go halves on the purchase. “I think it’s a good idea but we have so many other things going on”

Michl agreed, “We need to get the tag factory down.  The asbestos is out of the tag factory and the paperwork was completed today.  I am assuming within 10 days we will be able to start tearing it down.”

The board discussed the timeline and the safety measures required during the demolition project.
Clerk Becky Erdkamp was notified by assistant pool manager Sara Lincoln that her sister is a qualified lifeguard and will be available as a substitute.  Erdkamp reported that she has mailed all of the lifeguards and the manager a list of their duties.  

Erdkamp reported that February sales tax was $9254.87 and March keno receipts were $326.66.  She also reminded the board that she will be attending the International Clerk school this month.

Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave a brief report on the Joint Project at the Exeter school site.   They hope to begin installing the fitness equipment this month starting with new equipment.  After all of the construction is complete then the fire marshal will inspect the facility for occupancy.

The board set the next meeting for June 7 at 7:15 p.m.

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