Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Exeter-Milligan School Board Accepts Resignations

Exeter Site Gym Under Construction.

The Exeter-Milligan school board met in Exeter on Thursday, May 12th.
After calling the meeting to order and recognizing the visitors, President Sharon Kuska opened discussion for the consensus agenda. Treasurer Kendra Jansky read the financial report listing the ending balance in each account.

Minutes from the regular meeting in April and a special emergency school board meeting on May 1 were approved.  During the May 1 meeting the board accepted the resignation of Junior/Senior High Principal Lindley Schlueter effective immediately.

Schlueter began teaching for the old Exeter school district in 1988 and was principal at Exeter before the districts merged.  He retained his position as principal with the districts merged.

The board moved on to old business which included an appeal from parents, Wayne and Rachel Vossler, who wished to option out their youngest child to the Friend school district.

Kuska asked about the other two older Vossler children.  Rachel Vossler responded “I have no interest in moving the other children.”  

Board secretary Annette Gloystein spoke up, “The board has never approved an option after the deadline date.”

Vossler explained that the land they are purchasing was not for sale until after the option deadline.
Board member Tim Pribyl agreed with Gloystein, “We don’t want to get in the habit of not meeting the deadline.”

Kuska called for a vote after commenting that the board had already voted on the issue last month.  The board was in unison on their vote, denying the request for appeal.  The Vosslers thanked the board for their time.

Under old business Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave a building project update.  With graduation completed the gym ceiling has been removed and he explained the new ceiling “is going well.  It will have some acoustical value to it and we are looking at doing some LED lighting as well. . .there is also a possibility of including ceiling fans.”

“The only issue we could possibly run into on the addition is the cabinets.  The company who was making them is no longer in business.”

The board moved quickly through the new business and tabled the non-certified contracts so that the board members could review the changes in the contracts. 

The board received an unpaid leave request and approved it.

They also tabled a review of the duties of the elementary Principal, guidance counselor and superintendent and approved Jennifer Nicholas as a local substitute.

The board received the resignation of sixth grade teacher Allison Brahm.

The board expressed some concern over finding a good replacement with the recent hiring of three new teachers for the Milligan campus.  Board member Kendra Jansky voiced an additional worry, “It is a concern we are losing so many teachers.”

Sheffield noted that Elementary Principal Laura Kroll had interviewed multiple qualified teachers for the spots now filled and several of the top applicants not previously offered positions were still available.

After a brief explanation from Sheffield the board approved the Generations Bank disaster agreement.  This allowed for the bank to set up their business at either campus in the event of a major catastrophe in Exeter.

The board congratulated the students who qualified for state track before discussing graduation and the upcoming kindergarten graduation.  After excusing board member Jim Zeleny the next meeting was set for June 8 in Milligan at 8 p.m.

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