Friday, September 18, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Homecoming Celebrated

 Above:  It was Farmer Day on Thursday and from the left, Jaiden, Kayla and Caitlin pull out their best farmer duds.  Below:  Elementary students made sure to get the Timberwolf gear on for the pep rally.

 Quarterback Sam Zeleny #3 asks the crowd to come out to the game and be loud.  Below seniors Spencer Papik #81 and Elliot Erkdamp take the lead in the three legged race.

 The Exeter-Milligan junior cheerleaders lead a cheer for the crowd.  Below:  The Cheerleaders pump up the crowd.

 After the game the royalty was announced.  Above are Sophomore attendants Hannah Beethe and Seth Maxson.  Below are Freshmen attendents Katherine White and Mitchell Manning.

 Junior attendants (above) are Samantha Horne and Evan Harre and (below) King Jack Dinneen and Queen Janey Due.

The Homecoming royalty from the left Katherine White, Mitchell Manning, Samantha Horne, Prince Elliot Erdkamp and Princess Marissa Howard, King Jack Dinneen, Queen Janey Due, Duke Sam Zeleny, Duchess Brianna Beatham, Hannah Horne and Seth Maxson.

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