Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Exeter Village Board Meets

The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, Aug 11 with a short agenda.

The board quickly approved the last meetings minutes and invoices after a few clarifications from clerk Becky Erdkamp.

The annual request funding request from Fillmore County Development Corporation was presented by FCDC board member Shari Michl.  

She shared some of the success of the development corporation from 2015, “We have had a really good year and have been getting things done in FC.  The livestock friendly county status has been completed and we recently held a strategic planning session in Exeter.  We also initiated a formal evaluation process for the FCDC director.”

After hearing from Shari Michl the board approved their regular $1700 contribution under Resolution 1507.

Chairman Alan Michol noted there was no Marshals report but Michl reported he had spoken with McFarland about towing some vehicles in town.   He also commented on some of the houses in severe disrepair in the village, “We need to determine a list of houses we need to deal with. Bring a list of houses to the next meeting of your six worst houses.” 

John Mueller gave the maintenance supervisor report.  He advised the board that the storm sewer on the corner by Storybook Park collapsed and is being replaced.  Mueller also reported he was approached by Milligan maintenance supervisor John Zelenka about purchasing a backhoe jointly with Milligan for repairing water lines.  

“I think it’s something we need to look into,” noted Vice Chairman Tim Wilbeck, “We need to have this on hand.”

Michl asked Mueller to look into the costs of the equipment so that board could approach the Milligan board with a proposal.

Mueller noted that he painted the lines at school and that his summer help will be done in August.  Wilbeck asked if there were any jobs that the summer help could continue with.  Michl agreed, “If you can keep him busy I don’t think that’s an issue.”

Board member Mitch Schlegelmilch commented to Mueller, “The grass pile has been taken care of well this summer but I’d like to see some signage indicating where the stuff is supposed to go.”

Michl commented that there are issues with trees overhanging the street. He asked the clerk to send put a notation on the next water bill and to send out letters.  Clerk Erdkamp asked the board to make her a list so that she could send out letters.

Mueller noted that one of the tee joints is leaking on the pool filter and all the storm damaged air conditioning units have been replaced.

During the Clerk’s report she noted that sales tax for June was $8787.99 and keno funds received in July were  $835.38.

Chairmain Michl asked the clerk about any new information on the tag factory and she reported that they are waiting for all of the paperwork to be signed.

Michl asked the board to start considering options on paying for the demolition of the tag factory.
“We don’t know what this is going to cost.  We could use LB 840 and go to the voter’s and try to get another half-cent sales tax for downtown improvement and we can lump it in with that.”

“I really think it would be better to lump them together.   For a half million you might get some grant funds or main street improvement funds.  You can get money for a new city office but you need to lump things together.”

Michl mentioned several other funding options and noted that the FCDC is working on finding funding options for the village as well.

“We can get estimates but until we figure out how we are going to pay for it we can’t really do anything,” said Michl. “Let’s start proceeding with the process.”

Superintendent Paul Sheffield gave an update on the Joint Public Agency project.  He passed out copies of an estimated timeline from the contractor which just covers the new gym entries. He noted, “There are certain things they are on track, but others they are behind.”

Sheffield also presented the board members with a listing of subcontractors on the project.

The board set the next meeting for Tuesday, Sept 8 at 7 p.m.

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