Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Exeter Village Board Meets

After the Exeter Village Board reviewed the minutes and invoices at their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 4th they moved on to a light agenda.

Chairman of the Board Alan Michl introduced Dallas Watkins an Ameritas representative to give a presentation to the board on the refinancing of the water bonds.

Watkins reported that the village could refinance the bonds which are currently at 4.07% to a new rate of 1.8%, “You would be able to cut off one year of payments and your total savings is almost $27,000.  Refinancing works really well when the interest is so low.”

The board issued Resolution 1502 to call the water bonds and related documents as presented and subsequently Michl presented Ordinance 579 which authorized the board to issue general obligation water refunding bonds for $230,000.  Both the resolution and ordinance were unanimously approved.

Exeter resident Terri Volkmer approached the board with a proposal using memorial money from her late husband Bill Volkmer.  She wanted the board’s approval to use the funds to replace the sound system downtown.  The new system would be purchased through Diode Communication and would run off the computer in the village office.  Volkmer reported that the music would play through four speakers placed downtown and would also have a wireless microphone that could be used to make announcements downtown.

The board responded very positively and encouraged Volkmer to pursue the installation.

Next on the agenda was Fillmore County Development Corporation director Patt Lentfer.  Lentfer explained she was representing the Fillmore County Board of Supervisors,  “We would like to have Fillmore County be a designated livestock friendly county.  There is no cost to become livestock friendly, it is just to get people to talk about it and see the possibility for enlargement of livestock facilities in the county.”

“What we need from all of the communities in the county is a letter stating that your community supports this measure,” explained Lentfer.

After the board approved this measure, Michl questioned Lentfer about options for the Exeter Care Center since the closing of the facility was announced.

Lentfer explained that she had looked for low interest USDA loans, “but there was nothing that would match a facility like a nursing home.”

Michl responded “Nobody is going to buy it right out of the chute.  At this point there is nothing that the village can do.”

Lentfer announced the FCDC’s support of the upcoming Tri-county career day and job fair that local students will be attending.

Discussion and movement on the street dance was postponed to the next meeting.
The board discussed the possibility of providing a dumpster again and set a date for May second with a possibility of a second dumpster in June.

There was a limited report from Michl on the Marshall’s actions.  He reported that the department has applied for a grant for the taser guns that were recently purchased and noted “Officer (Mark) McFarland feels taser are safer for the officers and the community.”

Michl also noted that McFarland was concerned about following the legal process the  on the tag factory.  Michl noted that certified letters to the owners have been returned and noted that he hopes to have a meeting with the village attorney soon, “I think we need to go ahead and proceed – we don’t want to wait any longer because the building is becoming a danger to the community and a liability to the village.”

Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller gave his report explaining that the warranty he approached the board about during last month’s meetings was for a VFD valve that is about to have its warranty expire.  “The extended warranty offered would be for three years at a cost of $1885.  It would cover everything but flood, tornado or vandalism.”

The board decided to purchase the extended warranty.

Mueller also informed the board that the toddler slide had been picked up and would be refinished at a facility in Winsconsin.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp started her report with the good news that sales tax for the month of December was $28031.36 and keno funds for January were $934.44.  She reported having problems with her printer and the board instructed her to check on purchasing a replacement.  She also reminded the board that County Supervisor Bob Mueller requested that the board assist in find a new member of the county zoning board.

The board welcomed Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield to give a brief presentation on the progress of the Joint Public Agency.  Sheffield shared that the wheels are in motion on the building project and he will meet with architects on Monday to finalize the plans.

Michl reported on several bills in the legislature which will affect the village including LB610 which will add a gas tax, “We should get some of these funds through appropriations or road tax and LB633 will be giving $20 million to cities in Nebraska, $20 million to counties and $20 million to the state.

The Board set the next meeting for Monday, April 6 at 7 p.m.

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