Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exeter Village Board Hires Aquatic Staff

The Exeter Village Board met on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 with a short agenda.

After a brief discussion the board approved the invoices and minutes of the last meeting
The board passed resolution 15-01 to approve the one and six year road plans. Chairman of the Board Alan Michl noted, “The six year is a wish list.”

The Board discussed a request to sell the property next door to the village office.  A board member had been approached by an Exeter business who was interested in purchasing the property the board recently acquired.

Board member Kathy Erdkamp responded, “Tell them if they are interested to come to a meeting and make a presentation about their plans for the property.”

The board reviewed the Library report and confirmed the appointment of Lynette Trauger as a library board member.

Moving on to summer employment the Board approved Casey Pohl as Aquatic Center Manager and Sara Lincoln assistant manager and lifeguard.

The board approved lifeguard applications from Erica Yound, Joey Bartu, Tara Mueller, Bailey Stueben, Ashley Benorden, Kayla Bonds and Katie Mounce as long as they receive their lifeguard certification.

The board reviewed two applications for summer maintenance from Jarrett Maxon and Broc Mueller. The board decided to hire both of the applicants.

Board received an invitation from FCDC for their annual meeting which will be held in St. Stephens Hall this year. 

The Board reviewed the Marshalls report and noted that the Taser demonstration scheduled for the meeting was postponed.

John Mueller Maintenance Supervisor presented the board with information he had just received on an extended warranty for a well part and will check into it some more. Board member Justin Harre spoke with the company that will redo the pool turtle slide and is working with them on transportation.  Mueller got a call from the company that will tar the streets and they will come when it warms up.  

Board discussed some issues with some streets that are being torn up by heavy equipment.  The board asked clerk Becky Erdkamp to send the company a letter asking them to use a different road.  The board discussed different options for fixing East Boundary.

Becky Erdkamp reported that the sales tax for November was $12,527.61 and the keno for December was $964.91.  The board approved a request to replace the vacuum cleaner and discussed the repairs to the neon sign which still has some issues.  The next board meeting was set for Wednesday, March 4.

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