Saturday, December 21, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Update: Title I

Title I News by Anita Mueller, Title I Director

Title I Reading - The second graders have been learning about the different parts of writing letters.  They have written letters to their pen pals in Friend and to Santa.  I have worked with the Title I students on coming up with ideas, helping with spelling/reversals, and the correct form for letter writing.  They know the parts of a letter with using visuals that Mrs. Weber has taught them.  The first graders have been working on practicing reading out of their Reading Mastery book as well as spelling words that they have been missing.   Some letter formation has also been worked on during our Title I time.  I use a Ziploc bag filled with hair gel, dye, and glitter (pictured).  They use their finger on the bag and then they "feel" and "see" the letter that they have made

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