Thursday, December 12, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Christmas Concert

The Exeter-Milligan Fifth and Sixth Grade Band performed several numbers at the concert.

Exeter-Milligan Third, Fourth and Fifth graders at the Elementary Christmas Program.
Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes performing at the Christmas Program.
The Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade classes as they perform the final song in "Mrs. Claus to the Rescue."

It’s three days before Christmas and while the elves are busy, Santa is not.  In fact Santa isn’t doing anything but rest.  He’s come down with something awful and the doctor has sent him to bed.

And so the stage is set for Exeter-Milligan’s Christmas Program, “Mrs. Claus to the Rescue.”

The kindergarten through sixth graders entertained a full gymnasium with their performance of the musical.  

The evening began with a few select holiday numbers from the sixth grade band and the fifth grade band and the two bands combined.

After a brief intercession the musical begins starring all of the sixth graders. This year Caitlin Murphy was the lead as Mrs. Santa.  Several of the students played multiple roles including Kayla Geiger as Elf, and FranTastik and Eli Johnson who played an Elf, Delivery Person and Morey News.  In addition to elf duties Caleb Horne played the director and Jacy Schlueter played the doctor and an elf.

During the program the third, fourth and fifth graders were on stage with the elves performing numbers like “Christmas Blues,” “Cheer Up, Santa” and “Christmas Won’t be Christmas.”

The kindergarten, first and second graders took the stage for five different holiday numbers including “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Santa’s Helpers, A Gift for Santa, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and their obvious favorite “Hip Hop Reindeer.”

The news media is informed of the Santa’s illness and sends a camera crew to interview Santa and Mrs. Claus who reports that there won’t be toy deliveries that year.  After attempting to get the post office and other delivery services to help with the toy deliver Mrs. Claus briefly gives up on making Christmas work without Santa.

Along with the elves, she finally realizes that she is the one who plans Santa’s trip each year, she knows how to drive the sleigh and she can make the deliveries.  Everyone celebrates as Mrs. Claus returns home successfully and Santa wakes up from his resting to discover he has slept through Christmas but it has been taken care of by Mrs. Claus.

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