Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fillmore County High School Juniors Tour Businesses

Fillmore County High School Juniors Tour Businesses
The Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) in cooperation with the Fillmore County schools, the Young Leaders of Fillmore County (YLFC) and local businesses held a Career Day for the juniors in the county on September 25th.  The format for the day involved having the students go to the business locations, rather than the business people coming to the school.

Three tracks were developed so students had a choice and could decide what area interested them the most.  The tracks were Agriculture and Industrial Systems, Education, Health and Human Services, and Business, Marketing and Finance. 

The goal of the day was to expose students to some of the career opportunities in Fillmore County.   The FCDC wanted to expose students to all aspects of a business that they would not see from the outside. Allowing the Fillmore County juniors to tour businesses and then hearing comments about employment opportunities and training requirements from people in the business was a great way to learn.  Panels of business people were set up during the lunch time to allow students to hear about even more businesses in the county. Twenty-four businesses hosted the tours with 35+ presenters and another 15 business people served on the panels.

“There was great cooperation from the businesses and the school systems to host a day like this,” according to Patt Lentfer, FCDC Director.  “There was a committee of eight who did who did a terrific job of contacting businesses, setting up the tours, and arranging lunch and snacks.”

Karla Jacobson, President of the FCDC, stated "it is ok for our kids to leave Fillmore County and gain training and experiences. In Fillmore County and the region, there are businesses looking for skilled and qualified workers. We want our students to know that there are opportunities right here in the area for when they are ready to come back, whether year one or year 10 after high school."

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