Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Exeter Picture: Kersten Rasmussen

Kresten (Chris) Rasmussen, son of Rasmus Rasmussen is standing in front of his farm in Exeter, Nebraska.   Kresten was named after his uncle Chris Rasmussen who lived/farmed north of Jacksonville, Iowa.   Kresten apprenticed as a blacksmith, but he was a farmer in the US specifically near Exeter and also was thought to have had a soda-manufacturing business and sold ice.  He died in 1930.

It is interesting to note that one branch of the Rasmussen family were blacksmiths in paternal line for a span of almost 250 years!  Kresten (Chris) Rasmussen, was the last blacksmith in line, he died around 1930 in Nebraska, to where he had emigrated as a young man. 

Does anyone remember Kersten or know any information about him.  A member of the Rasmussen family in Kansas is looking for information.  If you have some to share please contact Leesa and she will pass on the information.

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