Monday, April 29, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Presents "Bed Bugs"

 The Bed Bugs pictured from the left Zoop (Brittany Beatham), Boggle (Brittany Colson), Leddo (Brianna Beatham) and Doodle (Madeline Ensrud) show their concern for the injured bed bug Squish (Meredith Emshoff).
Pictured from the left are Mayor Snickles (Liz Murphy), Peter (Hunter Stride) and Patsy (Alicia Bigelow) discussing ways they can keep their bed bug community safe from the terrorizing and earthquake causing little girl, Marie.
The Exeter-Milligan cast of the play "Bed Bugs" are pictured with director Jeretta Tauriella.  This is Mrs. Tauriella's last year to direct as she will be retiring at the end of the school year.  Front row from the left they are pictured:  Mrs. Tauriella, Brittany Beatham, Brittany Colson, Jennifer Pribyl, Taylor Erdkamp, Meredith Emshoff, Maitlyn Thomsen, Brianna Beatham.  Back row from the left are Madison Horne, Janey Due, Hunter Stride, Deidre Stevens, Megan Waldron, Alicia Bigelow, Madeline Ensrud, and Liz Murphy.

Exeter-Milligan students presented their play, "Bed Bugs," on Thursday, April 25th.
Squish - Meredith Emshoff
Mother - Deidre Stevens
Marie - Megan Waldron
Doodle -Madeline Ensrud
Leddo - Brianna Beatham
Zoop - Brittany Beatham
 Boggle - Brittany Colson
Mayor Snickles - Liz Murphy
Sue - Amber Pribyl
Patsy- Alicia Bigelow
Peter - Hunter Stride
R - Maitlyn Thomsen
X - Taylor Erdkamp
Penelope - Janey Due
Whoops - Madison Horne
Ashley Miller
Meghan Miller
Megan Zwickl
Erica Yound
Kimberlin Ruhl

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