Sunday, October 14, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: American History

Mr. Brian Murphy’s classes at Exeter-Milligan have been busy this school year.  All the classes have spent time discussing the upcoming presidential election.  Also, technology has been incorporated into the curriculum.  Recently the Geography class partnered up and used Google Presentation to create presentations over the world’s climate zones.  Using Google Presentation allowed each student to work on the project at the same time and saved time.  American History created Podcasts over the late 1800s, incorporating images found on the Internet while voice recording their own narratives from information collected from the textbook and the web.  

Geography started the semester with a unit on Nebraska geography.  American History has discussed immigration and the late 1800s.  In the Post World War II History class, students have studied the 1950s American Culture, the early Cold War, and African decolonization.  The eighth grade class has started studying the American Revolution.

Pictured:  Jordyn Brandt, Amber Pribyl, and Madison Horne happily working on their Podcasts.

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