Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rose Bush with a Story

The Exeter G.F.W.C. Woman’s Club planted this rose just south of the Exeter Fire Hall downtown.  Since it was planted the club has taken turns watering and caring for the rose.  The red rose is the G.F.W.C. flower and was adopted in May of 1940 by the Milwaukie council.  Club Member Reba Toothman shared the information along with the reason behind this particular rose.  “In 2008 the current state president asked that we plant a red rose honoring our G.F.W.C. international president, Rose Ditto, in a visible public venue in our community.”
Despite hard soil, the club got the rose planted, Erma Adamson donated the beautiful heart shaped arbor behind it and it has flourished with the care that it has been given. Several times this summer the bush was loaded with blooms.

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