Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exeter Public Library Holds Summer Reading Program

Exeter Public Library has begun their summer reading program “Dream Big Read.”  The program meets on Fridays during June for Kindergarten through third graders.  There was a special preschool program on Friday, June 15th.  Participants have been reading books, doing crafts and playing games at each session.  At the end of the meeting they can check out books and movies.  

Jolene Vossler works on her nighttime starry sky craft at the Exeter Public Library Summer Reading program.

Summer Reading Program participants clockwise from the left Ben Bartu, Christopher Kelch, Alec Schlueter, Emma Olsen, and Troy Kallhoff listen as Librarian Nina Bartu reads them a book.

Emma Olsen, left, and Troy Kallhoff, right, work on cutting out their wishing wells at Exeter Public Library’s Summer Reading program.

After reading the book “Sausages” by Jessica Souhami which tells the story of a woodcutter who squanders his wishes on sausages that end up on his nose the participants at the Exeter Public Library Summer Reading Program played pin the sausage on the face.  Troy Kallhoff waits in anticipation as Emma Olsen places her sausage on the woodcutters face while Librarian Nina Bartu watches.


Anonymous said...

How did they advertise the preschool program? Didn't hear a word about it until now-a little too late!

Leesa Bartu said...

The Library program was advertised at school, in the Friend paper, in the Advantage and also on this blog. There were flyers in the post office and library/city office.