Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exeter Volunteer Fire Department Hosts Junior Fire Patrol

Exeter Volunteer Fire & Rescue YEAR 2011

5th Graders Note To Parents….
Dear Parent,

The Exeter Volunteer Fire Department will again be conducting an extensive fire safety educational program at our fire station. The Junior Fire Patrol program was started in October of 1998 and annually has received overwhelming appreciation from parents. The kids continue to have a fun learning experience. Because of all the positive feed back we have received from the parents, our volunteer firefighters are happy to donate their time. This program is available to all Exeter and surrounding area children.
The schedule includes a total of 4 evening meetings in October. The first class meeting will be held on Monday October 3rd at 7:00pm. The classes will last 2 hours with completion at 9:00pm sharp each evening. The next 3 class sessions will be on Tuesday’s the 10th, 17th, and graduation on 24th. We provide the kids with sodas and cookie treats each night at the end of class and then annually Casey’s has donated pizza for the final evening after graduation. This program is designed to provide your child the vital, lifesaving skills and information they need to protect themselves and your family from fire and injury. A fire in your home is a very real possibility and your family needs to be prepared.
One child is badly burned every four minutes in this country, 150,000 of them yearly. More children are crippled by fire each year than were crippled in the worst year of the polio epidemic. These children suffer so greatly because they do not know what to do in case of a fire. They are not trained in correct escape procedures. They are naturally curious about fire, but do not always understand the consequences of their actions. We want to make sure that your child never suffers needlessly due to lack of fire safety knowledge.
As a fifth grade student, your child has the privilege of becoming a member of the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department - Junior Fire Patrol. To obtain the elite status as Junior Fire Marshal, they will be required to attend all classes and they will be asked to complete two safety prevention activities in your home. If the child can not attend all classes send them to as many as possible, the Marshal status is reserved for those that meet the higher attendance and other requirements. Each child will need to prepare a Home Fire Escape Plan for your family. They will also be required to inspect their home for fire hazards. To successfully complete these activities, they will need your help. We hope that you will become involved and will cooperate with your child in making your home safe from fires.
Our guarantee is your child will enjoy learning about fire safety, fire prevention and first aid. Parents and children that have participated in the past have each year expressed gratitude to us for putting this program together. As time marches on it is interesting to note that we now have previous graduates of this program that are now adult members of our department. The seeds of long ago are growing to continue helping our community prosper. We are looking forward to seeing your child.

Edward S. Mark, EMT1982/Fireman E.V.F.D.
Chairman * Junior Fire Patrol (Cell 266-1175)
Co-Chairman * Hope Androyna (Cell 366-2253)
Save: Fire Station * 402-266-3331

Desire to Protect…Ability to Perform…Courage to Act”

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