Friday, September 23, 2011

Exeter Cub Scouts Learn About Recycling and Science

Cayden Hartmann tests water pressure versus atmospheric pressure in this experiment.  Peytan Brandt stands back because he know the water pressure in the bucket will force the water out of the balloon and up in the air.
Exeter Webelos Cub Scouts from the left Johnny Babula, Peytan Brandt and Cayden Hartmann learned all about water pressure and force while working on their Scientist Activity Pin.

Braden Capek works intently on his miniature windlass out of recycled materials.

Clint Oldehoeft makes a constellation in the end of a recycled can so that he can put a flashlight on the other end and make a constellation on the ceiling when the room is dark.  His mom, Jill Oldehoeft, stands by to assist him.

Exeter Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cubs spent their evening learning all about recycling.  They walked around downtown and picked up trash before heading to the recycling trailer and recycling any items they picked up that were recyclable.  Upon returning to their meeting location they made useful items out of recycled items.  The Tiger Cubs made a picture frame decorated with pop and milk jug lids, the Wolf den made a windlass with a recycled tin can and a small milk container and the Bear den made constellation cans. The Bears used a hammer and nail and with a pattern punched a constellation on the top of a can.  When finished they labeled the can with the name of the constellation and then by holding a flashlight up to the can in a dark room could project the constellation on the ceiling.

The Webelos den had a unit on science.  The learned about the Bernoulli principle and about all kinds of pressure.  They tested many of the principles and learned how the pressures interact.  The Webelos had a lot of fun with water and balloons testing air and water pressure.  They completed their Webelos Scientist Pin.

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