Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exeter Pack 218 Holds Blue and Gold Banquet and Pinewood Derby

Exeter Scout Pack 218 show their cars and their medals after their Pinewood Derby.  They are pictured in the front row from the left Ben Bartu, Braden Capek, Alec Schlueter, Jackson Beethe and Clint Oldehoeft.  Second row from the left are Peytan Brandt, Johnny Babula, Eric Olsen, Joey Bartu, Cayden Hartmann and Travis Gilliam.

Exeter Pack 218 celebrated the birthday of Scouting Sunday, February 27th at the Exeter American Legion Home.

To open the evening Webelos Scout Joey Bartu welcomed the crowd and led the group in the flag ceremony and pledge of allegiance.  Webelos Scout Johnny Babula led the group in a prayer before supper was served.

After everyone enjoyed the meal Duane Daake, a Commissioner of the Prairie Winds District of the Cornhusker Council gave a presentation on the Friends of Scouting program which helps provide funds for the local council. The local council, Cornhusker Council, employs a district executive for each district who are an integral part of a support system for local packs, troops and crews.

The Cub Scouts then gave a lip synced performance with puppets they had made which to their song “Scouts are the Champions” they adapted from the Queen song.

After the puppets, Cubmaster Leesa Bartu gave out the scouts awards starting with Tiger Cubs Alec Schlueter, Braden Capek and Ben Bartu.  Each of these boys received their Bobcat award, in which they learn the scout law, motto, handshake, and salute.  They also achieved the rank of Tiger Cubs.

Next were the wolf scouts. Jackson Beethe received his Wolf badge and Clint Oldehoeft, who only recently joined scouts was awarded his Bobcat badge and is over halfway done with his Wolf badge.

The Bear Scout, Cayden Hartmann, brought several samples of his projects to show on the display table including his wood tool caddy and his soap carving. He received his Bear badge along with 6 arrow points which he received for doing electives.

Webelos I scouts Peytan Brandt and Johnny Babula both received their Webelos Badge and completed many of their activitiy pins both receive a compass badge and one compass point.  They are well on their way to completing all of the activity pins in the Webelos book.  The Brandt family also completed the family award as they have for the last six years.  Babula, guided by his minister Pastor Karla Sheffy of the Milligan United Methodist Church, completed the God and Family award. He received his religious medal and his religious knot. 

The religious knot and the arrow of light are the only two things that a cub scout can wear on a boy scout uniform.  Three Exeter Cub Scouts received their arrow of light awards Sunday evening.  Travis Gilliam, Eric Olsen and Joey Bartu all received this highest award in Cub Scouting.  They will be participating in a cross over ceremony at the end of March.

After the awards the focused was turned to the Pinewood Derby.  Prior to the meal each boy was interviewed by Lance Larsen, Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 359 in Cordova and Robert Rhodes who serves as the Committee Chair to Troop 359. They boys were asked several questions about the creation of the cars, the tools they used and their design inspiration. For 32 years Stanley Rhodes of Cordova has generously provided his track and his talents to run the Pinewood Derby. Some of the scouts and their fathers have run derby cars on the same track.

The boys were divided into two different categories by age, the Tiger Cubs and Wolf Cubs and the Bear and Webelos scouts. After racing each boy in their category twice the judges, Mrs. Mari Lyn Poppert, Exeter-Milligan Elementary Principal and Mrs. Julia Polak, Exeter-Milligan Fifth and Sixth grade teacher, recorded the winners.

The top two winners in each division raced each other with Peytan Brandt taking first place overall, Clint Oldehoeft in second place and Joey Bartu in third place. In the stock show category Eric Olsen took first, with Joey Bartu in second and Cayden Hartmann in third.  The modified show had Peytan Brandt in first, Brayden Capek in second and Ben Bartu in third. 

Cubmaster Choice awards were Alec Sclueter in first, Jackson Beethe in second and Johnny Babula in third.  Travis Gilliam was first in the Fan Favorite Category and Clint Oldehoeft took second.

The evening was completed with a closing flag ceremony by Joey Bartu and photos of the scouts with their cars and medals.

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