Friday, March 4, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Third Grade Math

Third Grade News by Casey Pohl

The third grade students at Exeter-Milligan Public School
have been working hard on learning their multiplication
facts!  Each day we do ice cream math to help us learn.  The
students start with multiplying by two's.  After they pass
the two's, they have earned a bowl for their ice cream!
With each number they pass, they earn a bowl, a spoon,
scoops of ice cream, and of course delicious toppings!  Each
day they are getting closer to their party and mastering
their multiplication facts!

Pictured is the 3rd grade. front L-R: Hunter Ostrand, Cayden
Hartmann, Anna Sluka, Kayla Geiger, Caitlin Murphy, Doc
Jindra, and Wyatt Motis.
Back L-R: Max Zeleny, Brooke Poppert, Jacy Schlueter, Caleb
Horne, Ryan Sharp, Eli Johnson and Ty Underwood

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