Monday, March 28, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Update: Music Contest

by Angie Murphy, E-M K-6 Music Instructor

Twelve 5th & 6th grade band students participated in the
Bruning-Davenport band contest on Saturday, March 19.
Students receiving "1" ratings (superior) were Ashley
Benorden, clarinet solo; Trystan Brandt, trumpet solo;
Hannah Horne, piano solo; Samantha Horne, French horn solo &
piano solo; Lucy Murphy, alto sax solo; Patrick Murphy,
trombone solo & piano solo; Haylee Sheffield, French horn
solo & piano solo and Ella Wilkins, flute solo. Students
receiving "1-" ratings were Vicki Androyna, alto sax solo
and Tara Mueller, flute solo. Students receiving "2+"
(excellent) ratings were Hannah Horne, alto sax solo and the
clarinet duet made up of Janey Erdkamp and Kaitlyn Vavra.
Ella WIlkins received a "2" rating on her piano solo.
Congratulations to all of these young musicians for doing
such a great job!

Row 1(L-R) Janey Erdkamp, Hannah Horne, Samantha Horne,
Haylee Sheffield, Ella Wilkins
Row 2 (L-R) Vicki Androyna, Lucy Murphy, Ashley Benorden,
Tara Mueller, Trystan Brandt, Patrick Murphy, Kaitlyn Vavra

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