Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert - "Get Goin' Green"

It was all about recycling on Tuesday evening as Exeter-Milligan elementary students educated their audience about going green.
Their "Get Goin' Green" program directed by Mrs. Angie Murphy shared about recycling and each person's responsibility in caring for the earth.
The evening began with the sixth grade band playing The Star Spangled Banner and then Gonna Fly Now and the Theme from Our Director.
The fifth grade band were lined up next to play Crater Lake Overture, William Tell Overture, and the ever popular theme at Exeter-Milligan, Let's Go Band.
The fourth graders played two numbers on their recorders, Salamander Step Dance  and Salamander Scamper while the third graders played Whacky Warm-Up on their boomwhackers.
For the choir portion of the evening the entire group of kindergarten through sixth graders performed It Starts With Me explaining how each individual is where recycling should start.
Next the kindergarten, first and second graders sang three tunes, It's Easy Bein' Green, Clean Up Our World and Nature Baby.
The third and fourth graders performed next using some of the instruments they had made with recycled materials.  They accompanied themselves on four tunes, What Do You Do With A Water Waster?, Earthlings Unite, Shut it Off and The Recyclops.
Fifth and sixth graders sang My Planet, Your Planet with many of the girls featured on solos during the song which was followed by She's Our Planet.  Their final number was Pop Bottle Hoedown and four of the sixth graders, Samantha Horne, Lucy Murphy, Haylee Sheffield and Joan Strate accompanied their group with tunes played blowing on old pop bottles filled with varying amounts of water.
The final number for the evening was performed by all of the elementary students encouraging their audience to become Agents of Change.

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