Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alumni Classes

The Exeter Class of 1940 are pictured from the left Boyd Bivens, LaRayne (Steyer) Wahlstrom, Gladys (Ferguson) Hopken, Evelyn (Harre) Coffey and Reta (Harre) Coffey. While many of the members of their class are deceased, there was a special bouquet of flowers on their table in memory of Tom Votipka who died recently.

The Exeter class of 1955 celebrating their 55th class
reunion at the American Legion before the Alumni Banquet. The 1955
Crown Victoria car belongs to class member Mary Pribyl and her husband Roger
Pribyl. From the left class members are: Wayne Olsen, Doris (Harre) Nicholas, Donna (Petersen) Jasinski, Ray Franzen, Jane (Miller)Thomsen, Richad Michl, Wilma (Erdkamp) Sporel, Jack Noragon, Charlotte (Rouch)Hayek, Mary (Becker) Pribyl, J.J. Dinneen, and Galen

The Exeter Class of 1965 are pictured from the left, back row, Barb (Ethington) Jansen, Leon Harre, Jane (McCabe) Drake, Sylvia (Coffey) Christensen, Sharon (Hall) Hassler, Alan Songster, Roland Jensen. Front row from the left Tim Murphy, Linda (Becker) Wilhelm, Sharon (McLeese) Dyer, and Carolyn (Papik) Geiger.

The Exeter Class of 1970 are pictured from the left, back row, Jim Votipka, Dick Erdkamp, Ken Rouch, Kathy Rouch, Larry Hunt and David Krupicka. Front row from the left are Marcia (Krasser) Erdkamp, Merry Beth Adamson-Strauss, Sherrill (Papik) Murphy and John Tauriella.

The Exeter Class of 1980 back row from the left Wade Harre, Mark Due, Dean Bartu, Rusty Ruhl, Darren Eberspacher, Kenny Harre, Tom Bell, Roger Johnson, Jr. Front row from the left Kay (Ruhl) Due, Sylvia (Ekeler) Ruhl and Lisa (Dinneen) Rhodes.

The Exeter Class of 1990 are pictured in the back row from the left , Amy (Heller) Kissinger, Aarik Jensen, Joanna (Geiger) Webster, Ben Salyer, Mike Zeleny, Hope (Nicholas) Androyna. Front row from the left are Delayne Eberspacher, Sara (Krejci) Ochsner, Jackie (Ring) Miller, Stacey (Erdkamp) Toms and Barb (Bristol) Koca.

The Exeter Class of 2000 back row from the left Mitchell Schlegelmilch, Justin Harre, Mary Ekeler, Jim Mueller, Chad Oldehoeft, Jason Krupicka, Monika Ekeler. Front row from the left Rebecca (Votipka) Streff, Amanda (Parker) Johnson, Amber (Rassette) Simmons, Brett Carrigan and Christina (Callahan) Wetton.

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