Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girl's and Boy's State Representatives Give Report

Kelsey Moore, far left, Tyler Manning, middle and Amanda Dinneen, far right, represented Exeter at the 2010 Nebraska Girls and Boys State Convention.

With numerous guests in attendance the Girl's and Boy's State representatives from Exeter gave a report on their experiences to the Exeter American Legion Auxiliary and Legion Monday evening in Exeter.

The three representatives from Exeter expressed their gratitude to the Legion and the Auxiliary for the opportunity to attend the State convention.

Amanda Dinneen, daughter of Joe and Sharla Dinneen, spoke first sharing about "one of the best experiences of my life."

Dinneen gave some history of the event and then explained how it "teaches young women about respect for our country and our government. . .learning skills useful for the rest of my life."

Dinneen was elected a senator for her floor and was thrilled that a bill their floor worked on passed. She explained it was a bill that made it illegal to text and drive for everyone not just younger drivers.

Kelsey Moore, daughter of Brent and Lori Moore, spoke next about her experience of campaigning for county engineer. She was elected to her office and got the opportunity to visit the Lancaster County Engineering Department. Moore also had the opportunity to participate in the Girl's State band that performed for the combined group on Wednesday night.

Moore noted that "it was an irreplaceable experience for me. Thank you for the opportunity."

Tyler Manning, son of Kent and Cyndi Manning, was the Legion's representative to Boy's State. Manning started off his presentation thanking "the Legion for letting me have such a great experience - I made a lot of good friends."

The Boy's State group were able to pass 10 different laws. Manning was elected to the city council for his floor and also participated on a softball team.

American Legion Auxiliary President Annette Gloystein was thrilled that over 420 girls participated in the Nebraska Girls State this year. Gloystein has volunteered at the week-long event for the last eight years.

Legion President Alan Songster spoke to the students after they expressed their gratitude once again, "We are glad to support our young and as long as its a learning experience we will send you. Thank you for representing Exeter."

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