Friday, May 7, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Students Learn How to Save from First National Bank in Exeter

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten class with Tammy Sladek (back row, left) and Sharla Dineen (back row, right) from First National Bank in Exeter.

Free money? That is what Exeter-Milligan elementary students are smiling about.

As part of a nationwide program to teach children to save, First National Bank in Exeter employee's Sharla Dinneen and Tammy Sladek visited all of the Exeter-Milligan elementary students.

Each child was given a $1 coin to encourage them not only to save money, but also to introduce the concept of the $1 coin and the impact that the U.S. Mint hopes it has on the nation.

During the program the children reviewed the concept of "going green" and the three R's of recycling. Currently the U.S. Mint has been promoting the "green" benefits of the new $1 coin. Dinneen shared during the program how the new coin is 100% recyclable and in circulation, outlasts the paper dollar bill by over 28 years. "The U.S. Mint has even been making personal phone calls to banks to encourage the use of the coins," according to Alan Emshoff, President of First National Bank in Exeter.

The Exeter bank, which has participated in the National Teach Children to Save Day program for 13 years did so because they "wanted to promote to the kids the difference between wants and needs, savings and interest and to be good stewards," said Emshoff.

Dinneen enjoys seeing "how excited the children are. . . they have such a positive reaction. They truly want to save."

In addition to giving each elementary student a $1 coin, they received a pencil, a snack and a drink from the bank. Although the bank participates in the national event, it is entirely funded by the First National Bank in Exeter.

Over 75 banks in Nebraska participate in the National Teach Children to Save Day with 80,000 bankers and volunteers reaching approximately 3.4 million school children.

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