Monday, January 11, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere!!!

The sheered off fire hydrant.

This is the south end of the block where water continues to run and rush down the gutters to this storm sewer.

Tom Ekeler of Erdkamp Ekeler Construction has had a busy day fixing this hydrant with John Mueller, Village Maintenance Supervisor.

Fortunately temps have been warmer in Exeter starting this week because a person in a semi-truck and trailer turned right downtown in Exeter and sheared off a fire hydrant and reported drove off. Crews have been working non-stop since this incident to get the hydrant replaced. Most of the east side of the downtown block was without water for the day and the water department was looking to shut off the west side of downtown. The water continues to run down the street which should make things interesting in the morning as it freezes.

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