Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Footings Poured for Bathhouse

At 12:15 on Wednesday Roth and Troyer were busy digging out the final footings for the interior walls of the bathhouse and by 2:30 the pumper truck was in place and 24 yards of cement were in the process of being pumped in to complete the footings for the interior walls of the bathhouse. Meanwhile the pool area is a mesh of rebar and crushed rock. Today the excavator came up out of the hole and all of the fabric is in place on the bottom of the pool along with the crushed rock and rebar. They plan to pour the bottom of the pool on Wednesday just after 10 a.m. with the exterior wall footings of the bathhouse being poured in the afternoon. The weather has been beautiful for the construction so far, but the predicted cooler temperatures may stall things for a few days. When the village board was questioned late last year on building a pool during the winter months the board responded that pool construction companies prefer to work in the winter because the concrete is easier to work with (it has a longer hardening time) and it cures slower and thus stronger.

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Leesa Bartu said...

Next time I talk to Bert who is charge of the construction site I will find out where he thinks they are at on the schedule for the construction. It seems like they should have the pool done for the summer but you never know what will happen!!