Friday, January 23, 2009

Cement Cement Cement!

There were three rounds of cement trucks see coming and going at the pool construction site on Thursday. The floor of the pool was poured along with the footings for the outside walls for the bathhouse. The Odell pumper truck spent the day directing the cement where it should go. If you have kids you don't want to let them watch a pumper truck work. First of all it is a fascinating piece of machinery and second of all the guy who runs the truck and the whole pump system controls everything with a joystick remote control that hangs around his neck. It is a prime excuse for kids to use - "playing video games is on the job training, Mom and Dad"

According to the website survey the majority of you, 67% are positive about the pool being ready sometime this summer. We will check on the construction schedule if there is such a thing and let you know where the progress stands so far.

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