Monday, October 19, 2009

Officer Brian McFarland Speaks to Exeter Cub Scouts

The Exeter Cub Scouts came with ammunition, loads of questions for Exeter Police Officer Brian McFarland.

Monday after school the officer spoke to the boys on being good citizens and answered their many questions about weapons, car chases, police dogs and how many people he had arrested.

Patiently Officer McFarland answered all of their questions, when legally proper, and listened to their stories.

The Bear Scouts were working on their "Law Enforcement Is a Big Job" achievement. The week prior the boys had done fingerprints, made a list of neighbors to get help from and learned emergency phone numbers. The visit with Officer McFarland helped them complete the achievement.

The Webelos Scouts were working on their Citizenship Pin, learning about what it takes to be a good citizen, learning about proper respect and treatment for the flag and learning about their duties and responsibilities as a citizen.

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