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EMF Trap Team Competes in Conference Shooting

EMF Senior Trap team pictured from left: (front row) Travis Combs, Vincent Warner, Jacob Spohn, Evan Brahmstedt, Brett Kallhoff, Cohen Harre,Kain Combs,Rylan Bartels, Jaxson Brandt, Justin Harre, Shane Bristo; (back row) Mike Miller, Tucker Simms,Carver Kanode, Zach Spohn, Chase Paulsen,Mikey Bartu, Will Vyhnalek, Aidan Vavra, Kynli Combs, Lily Jeffries, Kierra Papik and Cory Engert.  Not pictured are Laura Casper, Andrew Vavra, Devin Harrison, Grady Bresson and Cheyenne Krupicka.

EMF Junior Trap team, from left: (front row) Cory Engert, Archer Kanode, Archer Engert, Kolt Songster, Kensingtyn Bristol, Axel Erdkamp,Tommy Kallhoff, Blake Bruntz, Brock Bruntz, Bennett Buresh, Ethan Bartels, Tripp Probasco, Shane Bristol; (middle row) Jeff Combs, Travis Combs, Rylee Rohren, Addison Foutch, Kynnedy Bristol, Braxton Harre, Gage Boyer,Jake Hoffschneider, Levi Jurgensen, Brenson Brandt, Grady Arp and Justin Harre; (back row): Mike Miller, Carly Uffelman, Conner Uffelman, Hudson Linabery, Wyatt Hoffman, Ty Svehla, Bob Milton, Deacon Erdkamp, Will Kallhoff, Charlie Hoarty, Wyatt Durflinger, Doug Motis. Not Pictured: Charlee Stutzman, and Crosby Oldehoeft.

The Exeter-Milligan/Friend Trap team had an extremely successful season this year with the culmination of their success at the National Cornhusker State Trap Shoot the first weekend in May.

The team, comprised of seniors (9th-12th graders) and  juniors (5th-8th graders) began practicing for the season in early February and started their Central Nebraska Trapshooting conference shooting in Aurora in late March.

They competed with around 200 other shooters every Saturday morning at Crooked Creek club near Aurora. The seniors would start the morning shooting 50 rocks from the 16 yard line.  The juniors would come later in the morning and also shoot 50 rocks. 

In the afternoon, each senior would shoot handicaps, shooting50 more at the line which was half the distance of their score in the first round (i.e. if they shot a 46 out of 50 in the first round they would be at the 23 yard line for handicap).


Head coach Justin Harre, along with coaches Travis Combs, Jeff Combs, Doug Motis, Shane Bristol, Cory Engert, and Mike Miller kept busy observing the team and monitoring their shooting during practices and at the meets. 


This year’s conference season was full of medals and trophies for the junior and the senior team.  EMF had the high junior female every single week with Carly Uffleman earning this honor five of the six weeks.  Rylee Rohren was runner-up female every week and Addison Foutch was the high junior female one week. Uffleman and Rohren captured the high junior ladies team every week with Kensingtyn and Kennedy Bristol as junior ladies runner up one week.

One of the conference weeks Conner Uffleman was the high junior male runner up and he along with his sister Carly, Deacon Erdkamp, Braxton Harre, and Bob Milton earned the high junior team the second week of shooting.

Seniors Cohen Harre and Kynli Combs saw their names highlighted multiple times at conference weekly awards.  Harre was male runner up, male overall runner up, high overall (twice), male handicap champion (twice) and senior high male.  Kynli Combs won the female handicap champion and runner up for overall, high senior female (twice), and high overall runner-up.

Combs was also part of the senior ladies champion team and runner up team along with Kierra Papik, and a member of the team high score and high overall team (twice) with Kain Combs, Harre, Carver Kanode and Tucker Simms.

Carver Kanode also won the male handicap champion and high overall runner up one week.  He won the 22-23 handicap yard line.  Rylan Bartels won the 22-23 yard line one week and Mikey Bartu won the 20-21 yard line and his team which included Brett Kallhoff, Zach Spohn, Aidan Vavra and Will Vyhnalek won the high handicap score.

Other handicap winners included Cohen Harre at the 24-25 yard line, Brett Kallhoff at the 18-19 yard line and Jaxson Brandt at the 20-21 yard line.  Will Vyhnalek was the male handicap champion one week.

When all of the scores were tallied for the conference season the EMF team had plenty of hardware to take home.  Cohen Harre was captain of the all-conference senior male team.  Carver Kanode and Kain Combs were members of the second team and Mikey Bartu was on the third team.

Kynli Combs was on the first senior female team and the all-conference junior female first team had four spots filled by EMF shooters.  Carly Uffleman was the captain with Rylee Rohren, Kensigntyn Bristol and Addison Foutch filled the spots.

Junior male first team honors went to Conner Uffelman and fifth grader Braxton Harre earned a spot on the junior male second team.

The conference also sells raffle tickets for a gun and several other items and part of that fundraiser goes to fund scholarships. This year EMF team member Kynli Combs received a $1000 scholarship from the Central Nebraska Trapshooting Conference.  The Pheasants Forever made a generous $2000 contribution towards scholarships for this year’s seniors competing in the Central Nebraska Trapshooting Conference.

The EMF team members pay no registration fees because each team member raised funds selling raffle tickets for a gun. Harre was encouraged to see more team members this year. The team has students from six area schools this year including Exeter-Milligan, Friend, McCool, York, Meridian, and Centennial.

Graduating seniors on the team include Andrew Vavra, Devin Harrison, and Kynli Combs.

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