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Throwback Thursday: 11/10/2013




Kara Myers' Shining Stars reading group at Exeter-Milligan is super bright! Each day these stars come out and shine their way through reading words and learning decoding skills to enable them to read stories and answer comprehension questions. One focus this year for the Stars is learning to read high frequency words quickly and accurately. They pair up with another “Star” and read as many high frequency words as they can in 1 minute. They have two chances each day to better their time. Each time their goal is achieved, they get to color in a star. We almost have a whole solar system colored in already! 


Exeter-Milligan schools upheld the tradition of recognizing and honoring Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day on Monday morning, November 11.


Exeter-Milligan Senior Alex Benorden welcomed the crowd before Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 presented the colors and led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Tim Wilbeck spoke to the audience, the band played several numbers and Erica Yound closed the program.

Exeter-Milligan met Randolph in the NSAA quarter final match up in Milligan Tuesday evening.  The clear cold evening was no match for the fired up Timberwolves.
The fans got nervous after the scoreless first quarter but the Timberwolves proved why they are #1 in the Omaha World-Herald poll bring home the bacon with a 42-22 win.  Even with the game ending injury of quarterback Nolan White, the Timberwolves prevailed.  James Sluka stepped into the quarterback spot and led the team to victory. 
The Timberwolves (11-0) will head to Creighton (11-0)


The Exeter Chamber of Commerce rescheduled the Halloweenie event that preempted by the Exeter-Milligan football game.  Instead, the chamber wanted to celebrate Veteran’s Day and invited the community to enjoy a free hot dog supper. 


The Exeter-Milligan 7-12 Students traded in their MacBook Pros for MacBook Airs in a one to one refresh this year. The new computers are lighter and faster than the older models and are equipped with the latest operating system and applications. They also have a much longer battery life, which allows the students to use them fully throughout the school day.


Exeter-Milligan has become fully immersed in Google as a Google School. The students use Google Drive to create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Teachers have added their own Google Sites to the school website which can be found at

In the elementary school the students have been given iPads to use. Every student in Kindergarten through 6th grade has access to his or her own iPad. These are equipped with the latest applications and operating system. Teachers are able to engage students throughout the day with various applications.  Many times, a student can be heard saying, “Hey, I think we have an app for that.”

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