Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Art


Art Update

By Lisa Kanode, Exeter-Milligan K-12 Art Instructor


In our art classes from kindergarten to twelfth grade, we have been working on a variety of projects. However, we decided to begin the year with a special project that would represent unity. Each class contributed to a painting, and when we combined all the pieces, it beautifully portrayed how our school demonstrates unity.


Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky and his famous Concentric Circle artwork, we painted in a similar style. We discussed the concept of concentric circles, such as the ripples created when a pebble is dropped in water, the rings inside a tree trunk, and the layers of an onion. We wanted our masterpiece to symbolize wholeness and interconnectedness, serving as a physical representation of a place where stories and experiences originate, and to which they are historically linked.


As a school-wide project, the process of assembling the paintings turned out wonderfully (pictured in the collage).


Other Activities happening include pottery wheel experiences and color theory with painting techniques.  We are also focusing on the basic elements and principles of art and design.




Gracelyn Becker using the electric wheel
Carver Kanode using the kick wheel


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