Monday, October 16, 2023

Village Board Chooses Paint Scheme for Water Tower

The Exeter Village Board recently chose a new paint scheme and design for the Exeter water tower.  They chose the drawing on the right for the water.  Work is to start next spring on the repairing and repainting the water tower inside and outside.


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, October 10 and discussed a variety of topics. 

After approving the minutes and invoices the board welcomed Brenda Motis, Fillmore County Director of Senior Services to give her annual update about the status of the Exeter Senior Center.

She noted that the center celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. “It’s been a great addition to the Exeter community the last 25 years.  Doris Hall is the only living member of the original board members from 25 years ago.”

Chairman Alan Michl added, “We’ve had a lot of people from different communities comment that we are lucky to have the senior center.”

The senior center board raised funds this summer to replace the original carpet. Some of their current activities include a watercolor class along with welcoming the Nebraska State Poet who will present four programs.

A representative from Diode Technology presented a quote for replacing the nine current surveillance cameras the village has in place. 

The bid, for $6756.00 would also include a recorder that would maintain 14-17 days of footage and would provide training for the village employees.  The board approved the bid.

The Board approved the annual roads certification along with Resolution 23-04 which also certifies the village also completes it’s annual certification for programs compliance.

The next discussion was on revamping the water tower which would be done in the spring and summer of 2024.


The board’s decision was unanimous on choosing a new paint scheme and design for the water tower. Along with an exterior facelift the inside of the tank will be repaired and cleaned.  The tower was built in 1928 and the ladders and railings no longer meet OSHA standards.  Their replacement is included in the estimate which is currently at 215,000.


There was no official marshalls report.  Michl noted that he had contacted all local law enforcement and asked them to ticket any vehicles parking on the highway especially around Casey’s as there have been near accidents because the trucks are blocking clear visual lanes.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported he is finishing up the batting cage at the park and cleaned up the property the village purchased on South Maplewood after the fire department burned the residence on the property.

He also presented several bids he received to sandblast and paint the entire pool. The board accepted the bid of $29,400 which included caulking from Torrey?

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for July was $20,198.62 and August Keno income was $252.38.  She presented the financial information on the South Maplewood property.  She also noted that they will have to go through a process of publication and notification before it can be sold.

“When it gets said and done we have to decide what we want for it, “ commented Michl, “we knew we were going to lose money on it when we bought it.”

The next meeting was set for November 7.

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